Engelwood Village Testimonials

Richard & Toni Brown write:

We ended up here ( Englewood Village ) mainly because of your concept and vision. This community is wonderful and we are close to all the ammenities one would need. The homes for the price you can’t beat.
We love the worksmanship and the beautiful finishes. Having the great room allows you to use your whole house every day.

Nancy Keller writes:

Buying a new home in a new city can be a very stressful experience, especially being a widow and making all the decisions by myself for the first time. Then I walked into the office of Englewood Village and all the stress vanished. What a wonderful professional and helpful staff they are. The sales team helped me every step of the way. They took the time to explain everything and helped me with all the decisions I had to make. Jim with Coniston Developments (the builder) took time to explain to me about the actual building and answered all my many questions.
I have lived in my new house for three months now and I’m really enjoying the friendly community here. I enjoyed the whole process so much that I recommended Englewood Village to a close friend and she just moved in last week. I don’t think you could give any higher praise than having another person move in because of my personal experience.
Thank you to an outstanding and caring team of professionals.

Shelley & Ron Crawford write:

It was time to start the next chapter in our lives; leave the big city and find a new home. We hoped to stay close to family and friends but wanted wide open spaces and fresh air. Our internet searches all pointed to Chilliwack, the best little city with big country living, With the Vedder River only a short walk away and beautiful mountain views everywhere! Off we drove to explore this quaint little city with gated communities built just for us. We toured through them all from open houses to model homes, nicely-settled or brand new. We explored the areas checking out shopping, parks, leisure centres, libraries and bike trails. And we chatted with developers, builders, sales staff, realtors, even the residents too! Each visit we returned to our favorite place, edged by a forest nestled at the base of a hill. After so much research checking out the facts, we decided to make this our choice for good. We agreed it was the ideal spot; a short walk to the stores but close to the Vedder River trail.

How exciting it was going to be to make our new home in the new Village of Englewood. The cheerful sales staff helped us to pick out the best lot and make our upgrade choices. And before you knew it we had a foundation, crawlspace, floors, a roof and walls! At first we visited weekly checking on the progress, taking pictures and asking questions. If we couldn’t visit we’d get helpful and quick replies to our queries via email or phone calls.

We quickly made friends with our new neighbours, enjoying chats week after week, By the time we moved in we felt it was home as we knew almost everyone by name. Settling in quickly, it took no time at all to make our place look and feel like our own, Loving the fact that each house is different and no two houses are exactly the same. We’ve settled in nicely, made so many new friends, it feels like we’ve stepped back in time. To a simpler day when you’d stop to chat with your neighbours while out for an evening walk, or you’d lend a hand, or loan out your wheelbarrow or share a cup of tea on the front porch. We now live in a village of people who care and take time to help or enjoy a friendly talk. You can find us now in our beautiful backyard, relaxing on our swing enjoying the birds. You might catch us on the Vedder Trail walking our little dog, enjoying the river and trees. You might see us out walking hand in hand as we enjoy an evening stroll to the coffee shop. You’ll recognize we’re from Englewood Village for we’re smiling and doing just as we please.

Beverley & Stephen Armstrong write:

The BC Government continually advertises that “BC is the best place on Earth”. That may well be true. However, the second best place on Earth is right here at Englewood Village in Chilliwack, BC.
Ever since my wife and I moved here in September of 2011, we are thankful that we discovered Englewood Village. With a forested mountain at our doorstep and the snow covered mountains in the distance, the scenery is fantastic. Add the friendliness of the neighbors and their beautifully landscaped yards and one can see why we are truly lucky to be living in Englewood Village. But let us not forget the sales staff – they are excellent at their job. They care about the people who live here and they are the ones who give that positive first impression of this development. After that, Englewood Village sells itself.